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About Us

We are a group devoted to the well being of dogs in the Sunnyside, NY, celebrating dog ownership and strengthening our community.  We made our unofficial home Lou Lodati Park on Skillman Avenue and 43rd Street.  On June 22, 2013, it became our permanent home as a reconstructed Lou Lodati / George Torsney Playground was officially reopened with a beautiful new dog run.  We will now act as caretakers to this wonderful addition to our community.  Join us !!


Sunnyside United Dog Society began as a group of people who met in Torsney Park/Lodati Playground (Skillman Avenue between 41st and 43rd Streets) in Sunnyside, Queens each evening, from 8:30-9:30pm, in the months following 9/11.

What started out as a few dog owners looking for a little sense of ‘community’ from their neighborhood, not to mention some exercise for their dogs, grew into S.U.D.S.

Today we continue to represent the original vision.  We are a group concerned with bettering our community, creating a safe place and supportive neighborhood to enjoy with our friends & dogs, and advocating for responsible pet ownership.

Founding members include: Rick Duro, Joe Dineen & Jen Crammer, Ford Trojanowski, Nancy McGowan, Jen LiMarzi, Juan Arache, Jimmy and Ingrid Underwood, Nicola and Tracie Libonati, Gregory Ivan Smith & Michael Fitzpatrick, Fay Caesarano, Nora Connolly and Jennifer Clark & David Van Pelt.