Can your dog be a therapy dog?

One of our members emailed us this info.  It seems like a great cause and a wonderful way to help your dog share his love with others:

The following is a link to the Good Dog Foundation’s website with specific information about the process of becoming a volunteer therapy team with your dog. I am seriously considering going through this process and would love to get some of my wonderful Sunnyside friends on board. Maybe the Good Dog Foundation would even host a training session here in Sunnyside if enough of us express interest…
I work at Sunnyside Community Services Adult Day Program for people with dementia, and I can vouch for the power of these pet therapy visits. The company of a good dog can bring smiles, memories and plain old happiness to our clients in a way that nothing else does. If you have thought about doing this, consider this a sign. Let’s spread that boundless doggie love around to some people who need it most!
Elizabeth Gronke, mama of Lulu

Construction Update!

Drum roll….please……8/27!!! When I have info on an OFFICIAL ground breaking ceremony I will pass it along.
Once construction begins we will not be able to access the park as we usually do.  As a reminder, people SHOULD NOT be bringing their dogs into the kids playground!!!
We owe a huge thank you to Councilman Van Bramer and Queens Boro President Helen Marshall for coming through with the funding to not only build a dog run, but to also fix up the ENTIRE park, which was SUDS goal from the beginning. We also should be congratulating ourselves for never giving up and for helping to realize the vision of the founders of SUDS. Bravo!!
Here is what I got from our Queens Parks Dept contact:
“We met with the contractor yesterday and he is ready to start on August 27th..hope this is good news. I am speaking to both Joe’s from the Councilman’s office and Community Board 2. In the meantime, both Joe Block (Partnership in Parks) and I will be out on site informing folks as best we can. Actually you can help get the word out. Now, when I say the 27th that’s the date parks gives the contractor to mobilize..sometimes they take about two weeks to get their stuff on site and to install the construction sign as well. I am working with Joe Kenton to set up a groundbreaking date with the Borough President also. Let’s stay in touch..I plan on being on site next week if you are around…”



R.I.P. Whit Kellog

On Wednesday, long time SUDS member and Sunnyside resident Whit Kellogg passed away. Whit was a  kind and gentle soul and a very accomplished musician. He and his partner, Kennan, owned Arthur the Boston Terrier, and now Petey.  The thoughts & prayers of SUDS are with Kennan.

I found this piece on him online:

Whit Kellogg has been a member of the Metropolitan Opera Music Staff since 1982. For nineteen years, he was musical director of the Chautauqua Summer Dance Program and worked as soloist, arranger, and composer for the Chautauqua Symphony. He also plays for the School of American Ballet for whom he recently played “Two and Three-Part Inventions” during their Jerome Robbins celebration. Since 2003 he has been on the coaching staff of the Bel Canto Institute in Florence, Italy. In addition to the Met Opera, he has played for American Ballet Theatre and New York City Ballet. He has worked with David Howard, Jean-Pierre Bonnnefoux, Patricia McBride, Violette Verdy, Marina Stavitskaya, and Antoinette Peloso, Nancy Bielski, and Paul Boos among others.
Whit’s partner, Kennon, forwarded me info on Whit’s favorite

Whit and Kennon adopted their dog Peter Gareth from the above pet rescue organization.  Please check it out and, if you can, make a donation in Whit’s name.
Thank You,

Report Animal Cruelty


We have had a couple recent incidents of found dogs in the neighborhood.  I want to thank you all for your concern and vigilance.

Reporting Cruelty

I want to remind everyone that there are some easy resources to turn to if you witness animal cruelty, abuse or negligence.  If you witness this type of crime please don’t keep it to yourself.  Please click on the link below to read a comprehensive FAQ regarding animal cruelty.

The following information is taken from the above link:

“You can report cruelty or fighting complaints to either the New York City Police Department or to the ASPCA Humane Law Enforcement department, which can be reached at (212) 876-7700, ext. 4450, or”

Help for Owners

If you know someone who is having trouble keeping their pet there is a great resource in NYC for them.  The Pets for Life NYC program is designed to help reinforce that pet ownership is a lifelong commitment and can provide services for eligible owners to help them with boarding, training and more.  There is more information on the link below.

Another Found Dog Alert!

UPDATE: This dog has been reunited with his owner.  Thanks SUDS member Vera for playing a key role in reuniting this dog with it’s owner.
Hey Guys, 
Another dog has been found in our neighborhood.  Please take a look below at the info.  Email if you have any information.  
Along 44th street we saw what looked like a cat to us, but it was actually a small dog.  A black cocker spaniel with whitish/grayish patches.
Looks young, but I don’t think he’s a puppy.  Here are some pictures of him.  We’re going to keep him for tonight, then take him to the vet in the morning to see if he’s microchiped….

Lost dog Alert!!

UPDATE: This dog has been reunited with it’s owner!  Thanks to Karl who found this dog and made great efforts to get him back to his family.

A concerned dog owner has found a Pekingese dog in our neighborhood and reached out to SUDS. If you have any information please email The information from the owner is below:

I have found a small pekingese type dog on 47 th st at queens midtown expressway. I have posted signs around the neighborhood. the dog is male well groomed brown with a black face. He has no collar or tags he followed my dog and I for blocks and I couldn’t leave him wander alone in the heat of tday. He will be staying with me for the moment safe with my bulldog until I decide what to do.if u are contacted by the owner could u please contact me by email .he seems to be in good spirits for the moment but I’m sure the owner is v worried and dismayed

Again, if you have any info email us ASAP.