Yellow Dog Project

As dog owners it’s our responsibility to make sure our dogs are safe and protected.  Not all dogs are ready to socialize for a variety of reasons.  This seems like a great and easy way to signal to other dog owners if your dog is not ready to socialize.

Communication is the key.  If you know that your dog is unready to socialize, tell other dog walkers.  Let them know you prefer them to keep walking.  If your dog is aggressive consider a muzzle as a great solution to walk your dog and attempt to socialize them without the potential for any real physical damage.

There are also great resources to get help training your dog.

Work Thus Far!!

Anyone know the last time the dirt @ Lodati saw the sun? It’s amazing, to me, to watch the transformation, little by little.



One Step at a Time.


Today marked a momentous occasion.  We had the first spade in the ground to begin the construction of a long awaited dog run in Sunnyside.  To read more about this long journey click on the Lou Lodati link in the menu bar.

Congratulations to all who have been involved over the years.  We finally did it!  We have earned out furry best friends a place of their own in our neighborhood.