GRAND OPENING, Saturday, June 22nd @ 11am!!!

Yes, it IS definitely happening, 12 years in the making, we have reached the top of the mountain:)

Please set aside an hour of your time this Saturday (11am) so that we can celebrate the grand opening of the SUDS Dog Run in style!!
We deserve a great party for all the years of hard work and DOGGED determination in not only for securing Sunnyside dog owners a safe place for their pooches, but for fixing up the rest of the park for ALL Sunnyside residents to use!

See you there!!!



(The pictures show the ‘cooler’ surface that was added to the dog run today. It will also be added to the basketball, volleyball and softball areas. If you look closely, they added a ‘doogie poop bag box’ for us. The signs and gates are coming in the next few days.)

The moment we have waited for for over a decade has finally arrived. Our dog run (as well as the rest of the park) will be opening on Saturday, June 22nd @ 11am.

The original SUDS group began meeting in the Fall of 2001, and started organizing for a dog run in late 2003. On a daily basis, we were the caretakers & shepherds of that park, cleaning up the mess that was left behind, so that our dogs would have a safe place to run. Through our good work (rescue, fostering, etc), volunteering and philanthropy we earned a great name w/i Sunnyside. To this day we are one of the largest community w/i Sunnyside.

We have experienced MANY highs and lows over the years. It took us until 2006 to even get a dog run approved by Community Board #2 and the Parks Dept. We then got discretionary funding from our Councilman in 2007, but lost it due to the economic bubble bursting (as did many kinds of groups across the city). SUDS never gave up fighting for what we knew would be a jewel for our neighborhood. Our goal all along was to not only build a dog run, but fix up the entire park for ALL to enjoy.

In 2009, along came a new Councilman, Jimmy Van Bramer. He met us in the dark on a freezing night @ the park and pledged his support. He came through for us, just as he has for all the people in Sunnyside (time and time again). He worked with Queens Borough President President Helen Marshall to get the necessary funding for the project.

We have been waiting for this for a long time. Our own dogged determination paved the way. In the span of a few short weeks 2 things I have been waiting for the better part of a decade to happen have come to fruition. First the return of Arrested Development and now OUR Dog Run!

Congrats to all!


Rick Duro
SUDS, Pres.