Recognizing/Treating Dog Heatstroke

If this heat & humidity is tough on us, you can only imagine how unbearable it is on our dogs.

Please check out the attached Heat Stroke info to protect your pet:

I know it’s fun @ the dog run in the summer, but being there too long in the middle of the day, especially for short nosed breeds, can lead to heat stroke (which can be fatal!) & other related health issues.

Our Large Dog Pool, kindly donated by WesPawPets, will arrive this week:)



Please keep SICK dogs out of the run

If your dog has been vomiting, has diarrhea, kennel cough or any other illness please avoid bringing them to the dog run until they are recovered. Same goes for a dog recovering from any kind of surgery.

If your dog looks fine and ends up vomiting, or has diarrhea, w/i the park USE THE HOSE and WASH IT AWAY.

Actually, whenever your dog poops, use the hose and wash away the remnants.

Please use common sense so that illnesses do not spread:)



Late nite Excessive barking will be a problem

Technically the park closes @ 9pm. If we want to be able to utilize the run after that we must keep the dogs from barking excessively.

Use the “2 Bark Rule”: If your dog barks twice, go shut’em up. Simple concept:) 
See signs posted w/i the run

The people who live across the street will eventually complain and then the 108th Precinct will boot us out.

SUDS was in Lodati Park for 12 years at night with NO 311 calls about noise.
We accomplished this by keeping our dogs quiet, sometimes as many as 25 dogs @ a time.

Many locals never even had a clue we were in the park @ night, that’s how quiet we were.

Remember, the run isn’t about any single person or their dog, it belongs to ALL of us. 

Do the right thing and properly monitor your dog in the evenings. It wouldn’t be fair to allow 1-2 people to ruin it for everyone else.

Thank you


Morning Dog Run users-stop the barking

We have several SUDS members that live just across the street from the park. They said that evening use of the dog run has, thus far, not yielded much noise.

They did mention, however, that the morning folks, 630am-8am, are more of an issue.

If you are there in those early am hours, please be respectful of our neighbors and stop the barking.

Imagine it is you sleeping in a bed across the street, it’s your day off and all you want to do is sleeeeeeeep…… 🙂

Thank you


SUDS 1st FREE Training Session, Saturday, 7.20.13 @ 12pm

SUDS is pleased to present, Ms. Renee Payne, author of “Walk This Way”, a Canine Behavior Therapist. This first session will deal with Dog Run Etiquette.

The Dog Run Will be CLOSED to DOGS that Saturday from 12pm-2pm for the event. The trainer only wants the owners the first time.

Please RSVP to SUDSter Jeannette Remak,

Thank you to Jeannette for doing all the hard work to set this up!
This will be the first of many of these kinds of sessions.

Download the brochure here.