RIP: Woofie 3/27/14

Woofie passed away Thu, 27 Mar 2014 Our heartfelt condolences go out to
Monica who gave him such a great life.

RIP Woofie,

Rick Duro

One of Sunnyside’s long-term (11 years!) residents, Woofie, passed away
today (Thursday). He’d been diagnosed with congestive heart failure in July
and recently with kidney failure. Many thanks to Jodi Smith & Geraldine
Kilkelly at Astoria Vet Group for their compassionate care, to Joan for her
support, Fr. Jerome for his prayers and to all of Woofie’s Sunnyside
friends for their love, concern & farewells. Woofie was found in the Bronx
with a broken leg in 2002, picked up by ACC and eventually taken in by
Little Shelter on Long Island which is where I was lucky enough to have met
him. He came to Sunnyside with a cast on his front leg, boundless energy
and a propensity for mischief. Woofie was passionate about life, wildly
inquisitive, a tenacious terrier who loved traipising around the
neighborhood, observing daily goings-on from sunny street corners, and
socializing with friends – in particular two-legged females ;~) He was very
easy to love and very hard to say good-bye to. Rest in peace my beautiful
little boy.