Collars MUST be worn w/i the run

Folks, we have to ensure that ALL dogs are wearing some kind of collar , or harness, when inside the run. It’s very important for a few reasons:

1. Your dog should always have its ID on it. While it has yet to happen a dog COULD escape when people are coming into the run and careless about closing the outer gate.

2. Just as important, when a dogfight occurs it is the easiest way to control the dogs.

Lastly, NO metal choke collars are to be worn w/i the run. They are dangerous to dogs (broken teeth, paws can get caught) and people (I almost broke a finger trying to break up a fight when my fingers got stuck w/i the collar).



Water at the run

Due to a malfunction in the Children’s Water Sprinkler system (it wouldn’t shut off, it works on a timer), the Parks Dept has had to use the main valve in the park to shut it off. This means the whole park loses access to water too. This will probably happen around 6pm, when parks employees are off the clock for the day.

Parks told me that they will have their plumber down @ the park to check it out early next week (parks plumbers dont work on weekends:P