SUDSters Give Generously!

Incredible! SUDSters have donated over $500 in just 1 week. Thank you for your support. We will be able to maintain the run and do some great things for the park and our dogs with your help!

Donate to SUDS!

Many of you have asked “How can I donate to the SUDS Dog Run?”

SUDS was founded in 2001 around the commitment to maintain the park in order to keep it safe and clean for our dogs. This work continues now that we have our own dog run. There are many supplies that local businesses and individuals have donated and, thankfully, continue to contribute to our dog run. Our pools, signs, poop bags, banners, tennis balls, brooms, shovels, flowers, etc. have all been donated through private money, both from local businesses and individual SUDS members. While we are grateful for the generosity of our local businesses, many of the run’s visitors would love to contribute what they can for the benefit of the dog run. To this purpose, we have started an account on This is a reputable website that was suggested by a SUDS member that allows anyone to donate money to a fund that will be available to Rick Duro and Martin Camacho. These funds will be used for materials necessary in maintaining and improving the run, webpage and the occasional marketing materials (business cards, etc) that help us spread the word about SUDS and its’ events. Thank you so much for anything you can contribute. We truly appreciate your involvement and participation.

Complete transparency is vital, so we will be reporting every use of the funds (with receipts) on this webpage, Facebook and through the SUDS email list.

We are not a registered 501c(3) organization yet and any donation is NOT tax deductible. GoFundMe charges about 8 percent of any donation as their fee for their online services. Please keep that in mind when you are donating.