Water is off until Spring. How You Can Help.

WATER IS OFF UNTIL THE SPRING. Here is how you can help!

1. WALK YOUR DOGS 5-10 EXTRA MINUTES BEFORE GETTING TO THE DOG RUN. This will encourage them to go to the bathroom outside the dog run.

2. When you are done with large plastic containers, please fill them with water and bring to the park. You can leave them in the entry way space

3. If you are in the run during the day you can fill up empty containers in the bathroom, it is usually open between 9am-3pm.

4 Please save the water for cleaning up after your dog, they can survive w/o drinking for the hour they are there.

5. Don’t let dogs destroy the bottles or caps.

6. When you see empty bottles please take 1-2 home and fill them up. The goal is to try and keep the run clean the next 5 months.

This way we can keep the run as clean as possible until the arrival of Spring! Remember, your dog and apt are only as clean as the dog run….