RIP, Barnum, a SUDS original

It is with a very heavy heart that I forward the news that Barnum, a SUDS original, passed away today, @ 14.

Barnum was Matilda’s 1st friend @ the park, and they bonded the very first night they met. Barnum was an incredibly funny character, on a neverending search for food and females. He was a frequent visitor to my Poconos home, and I loved having him there, as I knew I would do nothing but smile and laugh at his shenanigans.
His owners, Jimmie Underwood and Ingrid Larson were part of the original group that founded SUDS and were instrumental in getting the concept of a Sunnyside dog run off the ground, approved, funded and built. They did most of the design work, which the Parks Dept. used. I went to visit Barnum last night and thanked him, as without dogs like Barnum there would be no SUDS dog run.
Goodnight, Sweet Prince, you will always be missed.
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Watch your dog when in the run, it’s your responsibility

Helpful tip:

If you know you have an alpha dominant, or a fear aggressive, dog, it’s
your responsibility to keep an eye on it, looking for queues that might set
it off. Humping isn’t cute, it’s a show of dominance and leads to fights.

Being an active participant in your dog’s experience while at the run
prevents most altercations. If this means putting your phone down while
there, then that’s what you have to do. Knowing your dog’s strengths and
weaknesses is important, which is why I’m on Matilda like white on rice.

Also, by paying attention to your dog you’ll know it went to the

Thanks, Rick