Water is off until Spring. How You Can Help.

WATER IS OFF UNTIL THE SPRING. Here is how you can help!

1. WALK YOUR DOGS 5-10 EXTRA MINUTES BEFORE GETTING TO THE DOG RUN. This will encourage them to go to the bathroom outside the dog run.

2. When you are done with large plastic containers, please fill them with water and bring to the park. You can leave them in the entry way space

3. If you are in the run during the day you can fill up empty containers in the bathroom, it is usually open between 9am-3pm.

4 Please save the water for cleaning up after your dog, they can survive w/o drinking for the hour they are there.

5. Don’t let dogs destroy the bottles or caps.

6. When you see empty bottles please take 1-2 home and fill them up. The goal is to try and keep the run clean the next 5 months.

This way we can keep the run as clean as possible until the arrival of Spring! Remember, your dog and apt are only as clean as the dog run….



Wake/Funeral info for Mark Barberi, 1964-2014

Wake and Funeral info for SUDS’ Mark Barberi, who passed away late Saturday night:

It will be at Lynch’s Funeral Home located at 43-07 Queens Boulevard in Sunnyside, Queens, on Friday, August 8th from 2-5pm & 7-9pm. The mass will be at Queen of Angels Church located at 44-04 Skillman Avenue on Saturday, August 9th at 10:30 AM. Thank you for all your kind words and prayers. It means so much to me and I am sure is making Mark smile.



Collars MUST be worn w/i the run

Folks, we have to ensure that ALL dogs are wearing some kind of collar , or harness, when inside the run. It’s very important for a few reasons:

1. Your dog should always have its ID on it. While it has yet to happen a dog COULD escape when people are coming into the run and careless about closing the outer gate.

2. Just as important, when a dogfight occurs it is the easiest way to control the dogs.

Lastly, NO metal choke collars are to be worn w/i the run. They are dangerous to dogs (broken teeth, paws can get caught) and people (I almost broke a finger trying to break up a fight when my fingers got stuck w/i the collar).



Water at the run

Due to a malfunction in the Children’s Water Sprinkler system (it wouldn’t shut off, it works on a timer), the Parks Dept has had to use the main valve in the park to shut it off. This means the whole park loses access to water too. This will probably happen around 6pm, when parks employees are off the clock for the day.

Parks told me that they will have their plumber down @ the park to check it out early next week (parks plumbers dont work on weekends:P


Save the date: Saturday, June 21st, 11am-3pm. SUDS 1ST BDAY BASH.

Thus far we have the following events planned:

1. FREE Training with celebrity dog trainer Travis Brorsen11am-1pm. If you are interested in being a part of the training with Travis please email him asap at travisbrorsen@yahoo.com. If we get enough people (10 per session), we can do 2-1 hour sessions. There are limited slots open, so email Travis asap!

2. Canine Good Citizen Program Testing, from 1-3pm. This can help you with homeowner’s insurance and pesky landlords/coops/condos that dont like dogs. The CGCP Testing will be done on a first come, first serve basis, there is an $8 fee for that

3. Dedication of the SUDS Hall of Fame, in honor of all the original SUDS dogs that passed away before the run opened and since. Without them, the dog run would have never happened.

We are working on getting a microchip station set up and will also be dedicating the SUDS Hall of Fame.  We will be closing the large run, at least, for the event. Hope to see you all there:)




Help find Koko a Home

This is a beautiful dog that needs a forever home. If interested please contact Tracy Dee @ tracydee27@yahoo.com

Please forward to your friends/family:)


Hello this is koko. She is a three year old pit bull boxer mix and she is great with kids. She is neutered amd vaccinated and very playful. I cannot maintain koko anymore because I am relocating and pets aren’t allowed. I would like her to find a loving home before I leave, I am hesitating taking her to the shelter in my area, because her fate would be unknown. Thank you sincerely.