Can your dog be a therapy dog?

One of our members emailed us this info.  It seems like a great cause and a wonderful way to help your dog share his love with others:

The following is a link to the Good Dog Foundation’s website with specific information about the process of becoming a volunteer therapy team with your dog. I am seriously considering going through this process and would love to get some of my wonderful Sunnyside friends on board. Maybe the Good Dog Foundation would even host a training session here in Sunnyside if enough of us express interest…
I work at Sunnyside Community Services Adult Day Program for people with dementia, and I can vouch for the power of these pet therapy visits. The company of a good dog can bring smiles, memories and plain old happiness to our clients in a way that nothing else does. If you have thought about doing this, consider this a sign. Let’s spread that boundless doggie love around to some people who need it most!
Elizabeth Gronke, mama of Lulu