Vote for Best ‘Curb Your Dog’ Sign from PS 150 Kids

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Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer asked SUDS to help out with his ‘Curb Your Dog’ initiative. He worked with kids @ PS #150 to create signs asking people to do the right thing and pick up after their dogs. On Friday 5 posters were chosen and we can vote for the one that we think is best.

Visit to view the different options and vote for your favorite one.

Special ‘Thank You’s’ go out to SUDsters Jeannette (Shanghai), Mark and Debbie (Spike and Chico) for representing SUDS yesterday. Also, thank you to Sam Adbradouh, the owner of Wespaw Pets, for his continuing generosity to SUDS and our Sunnyside community.

We are going to try and coordinate our “Pick up the Poop” Day with the hanging of the winning poster, details to follow soon.

Here is a 2nd article from



Food Stamp Program for Pets

It is run through a Not For Profit group.

Please spread this to anyone that you may know of who is struggling financially and has pets. There is help for their furry friends too. Everyone struggles @ some point and their pets provide great therapy for them in these difficult times. Being forced to give them up shouldn’t have to be the only option.

from the site:

The new program called “Pet Food Stamps” aims to provide free monthly home delivery of pet food and other necessary pet supplies to owners receiving food stamps or who are living below the poverty line. In just a two-week period at the end of February, more than 45,000 pets were signed into the donation-based program, according to Pet Food Stamps’s founder and executive director Marc Okon.