Lost dog Alert!!

UPDATE: This dog has been reunited with it’s owner!  Thanks to Karl who found this dog and made great efforts to get him back to his family.

A concerned dog owner has found a Pekingese dog in our neighborhood and reached out to SUDS. If you have any information please email info@sudsmutts.com. The information from the owner is below:

I have found a small pekingese type dog on 47 th st at queens midtown expressway. I have posted signs around the neighborhood. the dog is male well groomed brown with a black face. He has no collar or tags he followed my dog and I for blocks and I couldn’t leave him wander alone in the heat of tday. He will be staying with me for the moment safe with my bulldog until I decide what to do.if u are contacted by the owner could u please contact me by email .he seems to be in good spirits for the moment but I’m sure the owner is v worried and dismayed

Again, if you have any info email us ASAP.


Animal Control Debuts 311-Style Phone Service

Check out this website:


Animal Control Debuts 311-Style Phone Service for Pet Owners

NEW YORK — New York’s furry friends have their own city help line.

Animal Care & Control announced the debut of a new 311-like program for pets and other animals in the city Monday morning, complete with a new hotline and redesigned website to help animal lovers navigate services ranging from pet adoptions to house training tips.

“We want to make it easier for the community to better understand our services so that together, we can better serve the animals of New York City,” said Julie Bank, executive director at AC&C, in a release about the newly polished program.

“Improving how we communicate and share information with the public is one of our priorities.”

The new service includes information about what to do with sick or injured animals, or what to do when you find a stray. The information is offered in Spanish and English.

The phone line also recommends what to do for lost pets, and offers tips on housetraining, behavior and medical concerns.

“The AC&C mission is to promote and protect the health, safety and welfare of people and pets in New York City,” an automated voice says on the phone service.

The NYC 311 website also links to the new Animal Care & Control website to give news and information about pet adoptions, foster programs, partner organizations, and educational resources.

The program is funded by both the city and private donations.

The new phone system and direct phone number for AC&C is (212) 788-4000.


SUDS in Action!!

If there is one reason that SUDS exists, it’s to bring together our community.  All it takes is a group of individuals with a common interest to make an impact on everyone’s life.

Today SUDS proved what a great vehicle our organization is for helping each other and our dogs.

Rick (our president) emailed our members with information about a “Lost Dog” poster that he had seen up in our neighborhood.  Within minutes, Phyllis, responded with information regarding a great resource for lost pets, Animal Care & Control.

This dog is on it’s way to be reunited with it’s family!!

Thanks Phyllis for teaching us about this great resource for NYC lost pets:


If you see a “Lost Dog” poster or flyer up in the Woodside/Sunnyside please email SUDS with the information.  A picture would be great.

info@sudsmutts.com or sudsmutts@hotmail.com

Missing Dog – Shiba Inu

There’s a new Missing Dog poster up in the neighborhood. This poster was on 48 ave. & 39 St.

“We lost our dog on June 4. She is a friendly dog. She’s also sick and is on three different types of medication. She’s in need of monthly vet visits. We miss her so much. Anybody with info please call. There’s also reward. Thank you.”


2 year old, brown/black/white, Shiba Inu, 30lbs, responds to “Scarlet Cruz”