Children in the Dog Run


This afternoon (7.26.13)  there was a woman ‘babysitting’  4-5 children and her one small dog. The kids were running around, chasing dogs, spraying them with the hose, leaving gates open and, to me, it seemed like no one was doing anything about it. I had already walked out of the run to go home and felt compelled to return to fix it before something happened. I went back in and gave the ‘guardian’ and her kids a nice lesson, calmly might I add, about how a dog run works and how people are expected to act, it was a teachable moment. They seemed to get it, but it takes a village…..

Eventually one of these kids is either going to get bit, or, a dog is going to run out through an open gate. EVERYONE needs to step up and let the guardian know how to properly act with children w/i a run. We cannot take a ‘mind my business’ approach, or be shy about it. The rules clearly state: NO CHILDREN W/O A DOG AND A PARENT.

The run is not a babysitting area. Large groups of kids belong in the playground. If someone gives an attitude about it, calmly explain to them that an adult w/o a child is not allowed in the playground area, and the same kind of rule applies to the dog run. You can also point to the Parks Dept provided rules and the ones on the entrance gate. I explained about the gates being left open and the woman (not the kids @ that point) left them open twice more.

The concept of a dog run and how it works is NEW to many people in our ‘hood, especially non dog owners. It is up to us to educate these folks. Get involved before it is your dog that gets manhandled/cornered by a child looking to play and then reacts by biting them. When only *1* person says something about it, and everyone else just stands around, it makes it appear that the person trying to get the situation under control is ‘crazy’, but in reality they are the most sane person there, when you think about it.

The safety of the dogs is our greatest concern and that many kids is an accident waiting to happen.