Construction Update!

Drum roll….please……8/27!!! When I have info on an OFFICIAL ground breaking ceremony I will pass it along.
Once construction begins we will not be able to access the park as we usually do.  As a reminder, people SHOULD NOT be bringing their dogs into the kids playground!!!
We owe a huge thank you to Councilman Van Bramer and Queens Boro President Helen Marshall for coming through with the funding to not only build a dog run, but to also fix up the ENTIRE park, which was SUDS goal from the beginning. We also should be congratulating ourselves for never giving up and for helping to realize the vision of the founders of SUDS. Bravo!!
Here is what I got from our Queens Parks Dept contact:
“We met with the contractor yesterday and he is ready to start on August 27th..hope this is good news. I am speaking to both Joe’s from the Councilman’s office and Community Board 2. In the meantime, both Joe Block (Partnership in Parks) and I will be out on site informing folks as best we can. Actually you can help get the word out. Now, when I say the 27th that’s the date parks gives the contractor to mobilize..sometimes they take about two weeks to get their stuff on site and to install the construction sign as well. I am working with Joe Kenton to set up a groundbreaking date with the Borough President also. Let’s stay in touch..I plan on being on site next week if you are around…”