Owning a Dog

Now that you have a dog, responsible ownership goes beyond just your home; you and your dog are now part of a community.  It’s up to you to keep your neighborhood safe and clean.


Sometimes dogs seemingly develop strange behavioral tendencies spontaneously; sometimes when you adopt they might have some issues already.  At worst, these can develop into aggression.  Do not ignore these issues.  There are many avenues for help if your dog needs ongoing training.  However, while you seek help is it important to keep your safety, the safety of your dog and that of your neighbors in mind.  If your dog has exhibited aggression a muzzle can be a great way to allow your dog to get the exercise it needs while keeping other dogs and people safe.  Also communicate with other dog owners.  If you come across another dog that wants to socialize but don’t think your dog is ready, let that other owner know so you both can make the best decision possible.


Keeping our neighborhood clean is always a priority.  It is critical that we always leave our homes prepared to clean up after our dogs.  Some people like to use bags, others like paper towels, but always bring them with you.  It’s also always a good idea to carry a spare bag/paper.  Sometimes our dogs can surprise us with a second poop.  It’s also the best way to encourage some of our less responsible neighbors to clean up after their dogs.  Confronting other dog owners and trying to shame them never works and can land you in a dangerous situation when both people have dogs.  However, offering them a bag is a constructive and positive way to help them make the right decision.  Although it only takes one or two irresponsible people to completely spoil a block or street over the course of a week, most owners are responsible and would never think of leaving a mess in our neighborhood.