Your Neighbors



There are certain legal responsibilities necessary with having a dog in NYC.  We advocate being compliant with the law and registering your dog every year.  This can be done at the following link:

The law also requires that your dog be current with all rabies vaccinations.  This is an excellent reason for you to take your dog to a vet regularly.  There are great and lower-cost options around the city for low cost vaccinations and check-ups (links are listed on the left for some of these organizations).


Sunnyside is a vibrant and welcoming neighborhood and we all have a part in keeping it safe and beautiful.  Most responsible dog owners will clean up after their dog every time, however, it’s also important to make sure that you protect the beauty of your community.  Avoid allowing your dog to trample or urinate/defecate on tree beds or flower beds planted around Sunnyside.  Our local government allocates money to beautification efforts and we should help protect that.


Whether you bring your dog to the dog run, there are some common sense guidelines you should follow.  First, always know where you dog is and keep an eye on them.  This will ensure you can clean up after them as well as respond quickly to dog fight or misbehavior. Second, if your dog has a history of aggression, using a muzzle is an excellent way to allow them to socialize with other dogs and get exercise without the fear of a fight escalating to injury.  Dogs will fight; it is inevitable.  However, responding quickly to this misbehavior and avoiding vet bills is our responsibility.  In the event of a fight, make sure to swap information with the other owner; not all puncture wounds will be immediately visible.

There are more detailed guidelines available on the NYC parks department website (link below) to the obligations dog-owners have to when bringing your dog to a dog run.  Take some time to read through.  If we all understand and adhere to these regulations we will help our dogs get the most out of these shared areas.

NYC Dog Run Regulations