Lost dog Alert!!

UPDATE: This dog has been reunited with it’s owner!  Thanks to Karl who found this dog and made great efforts to get him back to his family.

A concerned dog owner has found a Pekingese dog in our neighborhood and reached out to SUDS. If you have any information please email info@sudsmutts.com. The information from the owner is below:

I have found a small pekingese type dog on 47 th st at queens midtown expressway. I have posted signs around the neighborhood. the dog is male well groomed brown with a black face. He has no collar or tags he followed my dog and I for blocks and I couldn’t leave him wander alone in the heat of tday. He will be staying with me for the moment safe with my bulldog until I decide what to do.if u are contacted by the owner could u please contact me by email .he seems to be in good spirits for the moment but I’m sure the owner is v worried and dismayed

Again, if you have any info email us ASAP.