Noise Complaints After 9pm

In the last couple of days I have received emails from 2 separate people that live just across the street from the park about barking dogs after 9pm.

The park technically closes @ 9pm, so people staying later than that MUST keep their dogs QUIET.

Both emailers said that they wanted to avoid calling 311 to register complaints and were hoping that reaching out to SUDS could alleviate the problem. We must all do a better job on this.

If your dog is barking after 9pm, it is simple, shut them up. If not, eventually we will lose the use of the space @ that time going forward. If someone else’s dog is barking, let them know. It wouldn’t be fair for a few people to ruin it for everyone else.

‘Dogs bark, what are you going to do?’ is not the correct answer to this matter.
We are their owners and have to train them.

If you HEAR something SAY something.