R.I.P. Whit Kellog

On Wednesday, long time SUDS member and Sunnyside resident Whit Kellogg passed away. Whit was a  kind and gentle soul and a very accomplished musician. He and his partner, Kennan, owned Arthur the Boston Terrier, and now Petey.  The thoughts & prayers of SUDS are with Kennan.

I found this piece on him online:

Whit Kellogg has been a member of the Metropolitan Opera Music Staff since 1982. For nineteen years, he was musical director of the Chautauqua Summer Dance Program and worked as soloist, arranger, and composer for the Chautauqua Symphony. He also plays for the School of American Ballet for whom he recently played “Two and Three-Part Inventions” during their Jerome Robbins celebration. Since 2003 he has been on the coaching staff of the Bel Canto Institute in Florence, Italy. In addition to the Met Opera, he has played for American Ballet Theatre and New York City Ballet. He has worked with David Howard, Jean-Pierre Bonnnefoux, Patricia McBride, Violette Verdy, Marina Stavitskaya, and Antoinette Peloso, Nancy Bielski, and Paul Boos among others.
Whit’s partner, Kennon, forwarded me info on Whit’s favorite charity:www.ny-petrescue.org/Whitney

Whit and Kennon adopted their dog Peter Gareth from the above pet rescue organization.  Please check it out and, if you can, make a donation in Whit’s name.
Thank You,