Sunnyside St Pat’s Parade! 3.2.14! 2pm. BE THERE!!

SAVE THE DATE: The 15th Annual Sunnyside St Pat’s For ALL Parade!

WHEN: March 2nd, 2014, 1:00pm Assembly & Remarks; 2:00pm Parade Step-off
WHERE: Sunnyside/Woodside, beginning at Skillman Ave & 47th Street and ending at Woodside Ave & 58th Street.

This has always been SUDS biggest event. Please take the time out of your busy schedules for 2 hours of fun and celebration of all that is Sunnyside! SUDS is one of, if not THE, biggest group in our ‘hood. Let’s show them why. Our record was 60 dogs, lets BREAK that record in 2014:)

It is a great event and this will be SUDS 12th time marching. We are working on an ADOPTION theme to this event and will be inviting local rescues to bring along their dogs with ‘adopt me’ jackets.

for further info:

Hope to see you there!!

Rick Duro
Pres., SUDS

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