Waiting on the Parks Dept for a few things

We are currently waiting on the NYC Parks Dept for a few things:

1. The broken Water ‘box’. There has been a work order out on it since I placed one 3 weeks ago. The Parks Dept is understaffed and probably only has a couple of plumbers for the whole parks system. Hopefully they will get to it soon. In the meantime, please remember to turn off the water after using it.

2. The Mutt Mitt Box. The Parks Dept is currently trying to locate the key for it so we can fill it up with bags. WesPaw Pets kindly donated 4800 bags to SUDS:) , but until we get the key we can’t put the bags in it.

Speaking of poop: PLEASE remember to bring 2 poop bags to the dog run, especially considering the possibility that your dog goes on the way to the run on the sidewalk…. Also, folks using the smaller space, please watch your dogs when they go into the bushes, as often there is poop left behind. If you see someone’s dog poop w/i the run, please let the owner know. Also, when your dog takes a poop, please wash the area with the hose.

3. We have a new Parks worker that didn’t know he had to empty our garbage cans. I made a call and it should get done in the next day or two.