Water @ the Dog Run

Due to the threat of freezing, the parks dept won’t turn the water on for a few more weeks.

In the meantime, if you are there during the day, please grab the water bottles in the grey container and bring them to the park bathroom to fill up. I’d do it, but the bathroom is closed @ 6am when I walk Matilda and @ 430pm when I get home from work. Or, fill up any empty containers you have @ home and bring them to the run.

We will need these to clean up after our dogs until we have access to water on a regular basis. Thank you:)

Regarding the water bowl in the big dog run, due to folks pouring water in it over the winter and it freezing/thawing day after day for 2 winters, the bolts snapped. I tried replacing them, but nothing fit. I contacted the company that made the fountain and they are sending us 2 sets of bolts. It should be fixed in time for water access.